Welcome to humus

We are a leading manufacturer of mulchers in Germany. Here at Lake Constance we design and build high-quality attachments for agriculture, municipalities and land maintenance. Our technology helps the environment.


The working element of the flail mower is a shaft that rotates quickly in the opposite direction to the direction of travel with numerous spirally mounted, movably mounted and robust knives on the shaft, the so-called flails. The advantage of the flail mower is that due to the robust design of the flail, branches and small pieces of wood can also be processed and stones do not damage the machine.


With the sickle mulcher or rotary mulcher, the mowing and shredding process is carried out by rapidly rotating horizontal knives. The special design results in a clean cut even with tall, matted grass, while the clippings are severely shredded and evenly distributed. At the same time, shredding and distribution promote rapid decomposition of the clippings, which means that they do not need to be cleared away, but remain on the mowed area.


The hydraulic mulching heads are usually flail mowers. The power source here is not the PTO shaft, but the rotators are hydraulically driven. This enables it to be used on small excavators and hand-operated carrier machines, such as those usually found in municipal use for fallow or area maintenance.


The humus underbrush mulchers are based on hydraulically driven flail mulchers that have been optimized for use with long-distance carrier vehicles or ride-on mulchers. The robust and at the same time light construction enables use in areas that are difficult to access.


With the humus side mulchers, areas of application can be processed that are inaccessible to a front mulcher. In this way, ditches and embankments are easily mulched and mulching under bushes and hedges becomes child’s play. With the option of lateral projection, angles from below 60° to above 90° can be achieved. The mulching of roadside greenery or the trimming of hedges is the daily use, especially of municipal area maintenance.


The safety mulcher technology from humus offers optimal protection against falling rocks. Special knives spirally mounted around the rotor shaft prevent backward ejection. These knives can be changed in a few simple steps and offer an optimal mulching result. This technology developed by humus often meets the throwing body test according to DIN EN 13524 for the road maintenance service. The mulchers are available in the color RAL 2011.