humus safety mulchers: The revolutionary mulching technology with convincing advantages…


Thanks to the special design and arrangement of the cutters on the rotor, ejection of rocks and other foreign objects during the work and when lifting out the mulcher is virtually suppressed.


Safety mulchers permit a higher cutting speed of the cutters; this has a positive effect on increased working speed and thus a greater area output is achieved.


Due to the high number of cutting edges through use of the three cutter system, the safety mulchers ensures a clean grass cut and perfect reduction of the mulched material.


A worm shaft is at the centre of the Safety Mulcher technology, which is equipped with multi-toothed cutting blades made of highly wear-resistant special steel. The divided cutter segments can be quickly and easily replaced without special tools. In terms of service this saves time and money.


The patented Safety Mulcher technology has received multiple awards!