AFLR 3200

for tractors from 55 hp

Mowing between the fence posts is fully automatic with tension spring

Fig. with special equipment

The AFLR rotary mulchers offer an absolutely reliable and economic possibility for mulching the tree strip and implementing organic cultivation. The AFLR rotary mulchers have also proven themselves in the maintenance of photovoltaic systems and for mulching under fences. They are built particularly low and have a smooth surface, in order to slide under the fruit-laden boughs. The extensive lateral reach from the middle of the tractor of up to 2.8 meters for the AFLR 3200, makes working in standard tree orchards with treetops that are far apart or mulching under solar panels a breeze.

With the electro-hydraulic precision control system this is even executed automatically. The compact design ensures favourable weight distribution on the tractor.

The elastic V-belt drive is robust and insensitive.


  • on paddocks
  • for mulching under fences
  • in solarparks
  • in orchards
  • in the pasture and land maintenance
  • Mounting: front or rear
  • Padded, twist-off swivel wheel, adjustable starting pressure via spring tension
  • Low and stable design
  • Three point linkage for Cat. I and II mounting
  • Hydraulic parallelogram adjustment
  • 2 rear rollers for best operating characteristics and cutting height adjustment
  • Front twist off wheels
  • Reinforced V-belt drive
  • High-quality bevel gear
  • Accident prevention guards
  • Low maintenance
  • Housing height approx. 35 cm*, Swivel arm height approx. 33 cm*, * Depending on the cutting height adjustment
  • PTO/PTO with overrunning clutch
  • Electro-hydraulic fine control of the wing, incl. hydraulic linear lateral adjustment (only if the tractor is available with a double-acting control unit pressure-free return or a single-action with pressure-free rewind)
  • Oil flow regulator/flow dividers, loose
  • PTO/PTO with overrunning clutch/PTO with star profile
  • Oil flow regulator fully installed on the device
    – only required for fine-tuning if tractor does not have another
    – only required at over 25 l /min.
  • Hydraulic withdraw wing (single acting control unit necessary)

Technical data

AFLR 3200

Working width: m 2,74 – 3,20
Max. lateral offset from tractor centre: m 2,80
Setting range / parallelogram: m 0,95
Power requirement* : from kW / h 55 / 75
Rpm of PTO: rpm 540,750 / 1.000
Weight**: approx. kg 900

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment

The basic implement AFLR 3200 is equipped with three rotary cutters. Thus a large overlap is achieved, evidenced by an extremely clean cutting pattern. The cutters are mounted on cutter carriers so that the blades can be cost- efficiently replaced.

Click on the picture of the blade for more details

Setting options


Under each of the rotary cutters of the swing disc there is a cutter support plate that adapts the swing arm to the terrain.


With the aid of the electro- hydraulic precision control system and with a sensor in front of the swing arms the trunk is tactilely probed with high sensitivity, and the swing disc is guided closely around the tree. Thus precise and protective scanning and mulching are possible close to the obstacle, such as tree trunk, vine, shrubbery, meadow fence, and even in solar parks under the solar panels.