for tractors from 25 hp

An affordable option for orchards

Fig. with special equipment

The HKP rotary mower is a cost-efficient variant for orchards. It is used when the tree strip is sprayed with chemicals or is kept open with a cultivator. In addition, it has optimally proven itself in general green area maintenance.

The linear lateral adjustment enables lateral reach of the HKP on the tractor.


  • Vineyards and orchards
  • Managed grassland with fruit tress
  • Berry cultures
  • Landscaping
  • Tree nurseries
  • Shredding timber
  • Pasture maintenance and area maintenance
  • Municipal implementation
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Mounting:front or rear
  • Low and stable design and smooth surfaces
  • Good cut quality–supported oscillating knife with large overcut
  • Mechanical linear lateral adjustment
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Skids
  • Lateral transmission and high-quality,reinforced belt drive
  • Double ground plate
  • Accident prevention guards
  • Three point linkage for Cat. I and II mounting
  • PTO/PTO with overrunning clutch
  • 1 set scrub blades (4 pcs) with screws
  • Gear offset from the centre (onlyHKP2000)
  • Hydraulic cylinder for lateral adjustment
  • Front mounting
  • Roller, in combination with 2 skids
  • 2 wheels, roller, 1 lateral grass ejector for HKP 1600 and 2000
  • Adaptor for mulching/spraying combination (Adaptor for mulching/spraying combination only in combination with 2 wheels, roller, lateral grass ejector and gear offset from the center. Only available for HKP 2000; Attention conditional use of the hydraulic lateral adjustment when mounting the spraying adaptor!)
  • Turn-off gearbox

spraying combination
HKP 2000 with adaptor for spraying combination, gear offset from the center, lateral grass ejector and roller


Technical data

HKP 1600

HKP 2000

Working width: m 1,55 1,94
Depth 1 height 2: m 1,42 / 0,29 1,42 / 0,29
max. lateral offset from tractor centre: m 1,39 1,82
Setting range / linear: m 0,40 0.63 / rear; 0.40 / front
Power requirement*: from kW / hp 18 / 25 22 / 30
Rpm of PTO: rpm 540/1.000
Weight**: approx. kg 360 410

¹Standard version without roller | ²Standard version with skids in the outer area

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment

Per rotary cutter, two movable, freely-oscillating cutters are mounted that deliver a clean and precise cutting pattern. In addition two timber cutters ➀ can be mounted on the round cutter plate to shred light wood to 3 cm Ø.

Click on the picture of the blade for more details