for tractors from 54 hp

Undergrowth mulcher with hydraulic drive, for front attachment on wheel loaders, crawler track vehicles, large boom mowers or excavators


With its PH undergrowth mulcher humus brings to market a new powerhouse for green area maintenance and forestry work. The undergrowth mulcher with hydraulic drive has been especially developed for attachment on implement carriers with radio remote control. But it also suitable for other hydraulic carrier vehicles, e.g. for front attachment on wheel loaders, crawler track vehicles, large boom mowers or excavators.

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The housing has a system angle bracket for fast and flexible attachment on a wide variety of carrier vehicles. Optionally the humus PH can be attached with a three-point linkage Cat. II on PTO shaft-driven carrier vehicles in front attachment and rear thrust, with 540 or 1000 rpm. Flexible tool use (cutter systems) enables different applications and implementation conditions. The rotor’s tool configuration can be easily swapped out and matched to the application. The hydraulic front flap with counter-cutters is standard equipment. The counter-cutters in the machine ensure better reduction of the mulched material.
The housing of Hardox steel promises a long service life and is designed for professional use. An ingenious tool system guarantees an optimal cutting pattern: Ideally suited for green area care and forestry work, for rough terrain; it mulches undergrowth and branches without any problems.


  • Mulching of undergrowth and scrub
  • Ditches and embankments
  • Area management and landscape management
  • Municipal deployment
  • Maintenance of bushy areas
  • Recultivation
  • Infrastructure measures
  • Line maintenance
  • Biotope maintenance
  • Embankment maintenance
  • Renaturation
  • Housing with system angle for quick and variable installation on the carrier vehicle
  • Overload protection by flexible V-belt drive
  • Large tray of mulch
  • Rotor tube diameter 450 mm Axial piston motor or gearbox independent of direction of rotation for 540 rpm oder 1,000 rpm
  • Hydraulic maintenance cover at the front
  • Housing of Hardox® wear plate
  • Interchangeable skids of Hardox® wear plate
  • Rotor with cutting depth limitation
  • 2 interchangeable counter-cutters in the housing
  • Cutting height adjustment up to 50 mm over skid
  • PTO (part no. 800.11.004)
  • Feeder valve 34 cm3
  • Feeder valve 64 cm3

Technical data

PH 125

PH 145

PH 160

Blade systems B70 / B80:pcs.263028
Working width:m1,251,451,60
Overall width:m1,451,651,80
Power requirement* :from kW / hp40 / 5455 / 7563 / 85
Axial piston motor:l55 up to 110 l
Rpm of PTO :rpm540 or 1,000
Weight***:approx. kg460540740

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment


The optimally balanced rotor with the B70 and B80 cutter systems ensures less wear on the bearings. The high rotor speed ensures high productivity and an optimal work result.

The rotor has a cutting depth limitation that prevents excessive depth in the material to be mulched, thus excessive reduction of the rotor speed is prevented. This a particular advantage with low-power carrier vehicles, in maintaining the rotor speed.

B70: The B70 cutter is the ideal partner for tasks with light ground contact! Thanks to its single-edged, sharp and hardened blade, you obtain the best finechopping results. The B70 cutter is suitable for all ground conditions, all types of vegetation and all types of undergrowth strata.

B80: Triple-edged carbide tool with offset cutting edges for wear-intensive and sandy applications. Minimal force requirement thanks to diagonally inserted carbide plates and an additional wear guard on the holder.

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Special equipment

3-point linkage*

Cat. II Hydraulic side adjustment in connection with parallelogram adjustment, setting range ca. 400 mm (part no. 581.95.012)

Mechanical lateral adjustment in connection with parallelogram (part no. 581.95.041)

* Axial piston motor or gearbox independent of direction of rotation for 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm standard equipment

Hydraulic pressing device, 36 kg

Pressing device, 32 kg

Universal mounting (part no. 581.95.063)

Vermeer mounting (part no. 581.95.070)

3-point Cat. I (part no. 581.95.039)

Robocut mounting with swivel (part no. 581.95.040)

Skid-Steer mounting starting PH 135 (part no. 581.95.122)

Flange plate for Energreen (part no. 581.95.007)

Height adjustment H 250 / 190 mm adjustment (part no. 267.95.452)

Height adjustment H 250 P / 190 mm adjustment with pendulum balance (part no. 267.95.456)