for tractors from 34 hp

Undergrowth mulcher with hydraulic or mechanical drive, for front attachment on wheel loaders, crawler track vehicles, small boom mowers or excavators


Fig. with axial piston motor

The humus PS undergrowth mulcher impresses with its light weight and high performance in forestry and municipal applications (keeping roads clear, clearance, forest residues, etc.). The humus PS undergrowth mulcher is also perfectly suited for use in traditional agriculture (conversion of overhanging orchards or similar).



  • Mulching of undergrowth and scrub
  • Ditches and embankments
  • Area management and landscape management
  • Municipal deployment
  • Maintenance of bushy areas
  • Recultivation
  • Infrastructure measures
  • Line maintenance
  • Biotope maintenance
  • Embankment maintenance
  • Renaturation
  • Housing with system angle for quick and variable installation on the carrier vehicle
  • Overload protection by flexible V-belt drive
  • Large tray of mulch
  • Rotor tube diameter 125 mm
  • Effective diameter rotor 230 mm
  • Axial piston motor or gearbox independent of direction of rotation for 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm
  • Hydraulic maintenance cover in front
  • Housing parts of Hardox® wear plate
  • Interchangeable skids of Hardox® wear plate
  • 2 interchangeable counter-cutters in the housing
  • Cutting height adjustment up to 50 mm over skid
  • PTO (part no. 800.11.004)
  • Feeder valve 34 cm³ (part no. 820.06.149)

Technical data

PS 125

PS 145

PS 155

Blade system B50:pcs.182123
Working width :m1,251,451,59
Overall width:m1,471,671,81
Power requirement*:from kW / hp25 / 3435 / 4835 / 48
Axial piston motorl40 – 110
Rpm of PTO :rpm540/1.000 (drive right)**
Weight***:approx. kg238261274

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    ** Weight may differ according to equipment | ***Attention! There are extra costs for the mounting to the carrier vehicle! Mounting has to be run by retailers. When ordering please specify oil quantity and oil pressure.Delivery without hydraulic hoses.

In recent years, the use of these devices has changed. They are often used as carrier vehicles (sometimes radio-controlled or even autonomous tracked vehicles) for instance on steep slopes, i.e. in places where a conventional towing vehicle, such as a tractor, can no longer be used because of its size and weight. Thanks to the lower power of such a tracked vehicle compared to a conventional towing vehicle, the previously existing and often very massively built forestry and scrub mulchers can no longer be used since they are too heavy.

For this reason, our humus designers made every effort to meet these requirements and developed our humus PS, a very light yet powerful undergrowth mulcher.

Fig. with PTO drive

Rotor shaft



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Special equipment

Hydraulic pressing device, 36 kg

Pressing device, 32 kg

3-point linkage* Cat. II

Hydraulic side adjustment in connection with parallelogram adjustment, setting range approx. 40 cm (part no. 271.95.227)

Mechanical lateral adjustment in connection with parallelogram (part no. 271.95.228)

* Axial piston motor or gearbox independent of direction of rotation for 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm standard equipment

Robocut mounting with swivel and mechanical top link (part no. 267.95.416)

with swivel and hydraulic top link (part no. 267.95.422)

3-point linkage Cat. I (part no. 271.95.070)

Cat. II (part no. 271.95.133)

Universal mounting (part no. 271.95.255)

Euro mounting (part no. 271.95.254)

Skid-Steer mounting starting PS 145 (part no. 271.95.259)

Flange plate for Energreen (part no. 271.95.260)

Vermeer mounting (part no. 271.95.251)

Bergmann mounting

swivel and top link turnbuckle (part no. 267.95.438)

swivel and hydraulic top link (part no. 267.95.440)

Adjustable exchangeable skids standard equipment


Height adjustment H 240 / 240 mm adjustment, 43 kg (part no. 267.95.162)

Height adjustment H 240 P / 240 mm adjustment with pendulum balance, 63 kg (part no. 267.95.163)