for tractors from 16 hp

With hydraulic drive! Especially suitable for mounting on all compact tractors, special tractors, wheel loaders, mini excavators, municipal vehicles and extension mowers



The series SMH is designed for universal implementation. It has an extremely compact and low design and thus is particularly well-suited for attachment on special tractors, wheel loaders, mini-excavators, municipal vehicles and boom mowers. Moreover, a variable attachment system enables easy continued use of this mulcher if there is a vehicle change.

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RAL 3000RAL 2011
RAL 3000RAL 2011
  • Mulching of grass
  • Roadside plantings
  • Area management, landscape management, landscaping
  • Municipal implementation
  • Sports facilities and parks
  • Maintenance of meadow and pasture areas
  • Green area maintenance of fallow land
  • Large areas in combination with side mulchers
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Berry cultures
  • Tree nurseries
  • Mounting: front, rear and extension
  • Housing with system brackets for quick installation on the carrier vehicle
  • Skids
  • Rear roller adjustment for good soil management and precise cutting height
  • Overload protection by flexible V-belt drive
  • Large tray of mulch behind the roller
  • Adapted gear motor (motor oil) to flow rate (oil) from the carrier vehicle
  • Hydraulic maintenance cover without hoses for maintenance
    cover at the front (supplied loose) (part no. 268.95.079)
  • Height adjustment H 240 / 240 mm adjustment, 43 kg
    (part no. 267.95.162)
  • Height adjustment H 240 P / 240 mm adjustment with pendulum balance, 63 kg (part no. 267.95.163)
  • Set of wheels, wheel diameter 300 x 100 mm (not possible in connection with hydraulic cylinder for maintenance cover)
  • Set of foam-filled wheels, wheel diameter 300 x 100 mm (not possible in connection with hydraulic cylinder for maintenance cover)
  • Wear plates SMH 085 – SMH 125
  • Wear plates SMH 145 – SMH 175

Technical data

SMH 085

SMH 105

SMH 125

SMH 145

SMH 155

SMH 175

Small flails/Fine edge blade:pcs.1418242830
Safety cutters:pcs.121518212427
Working width:m0,851,051,251,451,551,75
Overall width:m0,951,151,351,551,651,85
Housing height:m0,330,330,330,330,330,33
Power requirement* :from kW / hp12 / 1612 / 1617 / 2322 / 3026 / 3628 / 38
Oil motors:l25 – 130
Weight***:approx. kg120140155180205285

Attention! There are extra costs for the mounting to the carrier vehicle! Mounting has to be run by retailers. When ordering please specify oil quantity and oil pressure. Delivery without hydraulic hoses.

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment

Small flails

Fine-cutting blade B60

The humus flail mulcher SMH is equipped with small flails, fine-cutting blades or Safety cutters. All cutting systems ensure a clean and good cut and prove themselves when shredding shrubbery. The Safety cutters prevent ejection of rocks and other foreign objects.

Click on the picture of the blade for more details

Height adjustment H 240

Height adjustment H 240 P

... with track wheel set
... with height compensation
... with hydraulic lateral adjustment
... on the reach arm mower

Special equipment

Avant mounting (part no. 267.95.369)

Hansa mounting (part no. 267.95.461) 

Ladog mounting with swivel and top link (part no. 267.95.416) 

Multicar M26 mounting (part no. 267.95.463)

Bergmann mounting with swivel and top link turnbuckle (part no. 267.95.438)

Bergmann mounting swivel and hydraulic top link (part no. 267.95.440)

Tremo mounting (part no. 267.95.462) 

Mounting for fork carriage (part no. 267.95.466) or Euro mounting (part no. 267.95.460)

3-point linkage Cat. I
(part no. 266.95.053)

Coupling triangle Cat. 0 with swivel plate (part no. 266.95.090) 

Coupling triangle Cat. I and II (part no. 266.95.132)

Ibex/Brielmaier rigid attachment (part no. 267.95.341) 

Ibex/Brielmaier with mechanical top link and mechanical maintenance cover (part no. 268.95.077)

Ibex/Brielmaier with hydraulic top link and hydraulic maintenance cover (part no. 268.95.027)

McConnel Robocut with swivel mechanical top link (part no. 267.95.416)

hydraulic top link (part no. 267.95.422) 

Kramer fork carriage 250 mm,
diameter 30 mm, suitable for
Kramer 120 / 180 / 350 / 5035
(part no. 267.95.371)

Kramer fork carriage 280 mm, 40 mm diameter suitable for Kramer 420 (part no. 267.95.364)

  • Mounting plate 54 x 24 cm
  • Axial piston motor (only in connection with leak-oil line)
  • Hydraulic side adjustment 28 cm setting range (starting SMH 105), only in connection with mounting plates or three-point frame (not for outriggers)
  • Feeder valve 34 cm3
  •  Rotor brake valve including feeder valve up to 80 liter (part no. 267.95.360)
  • Rotor brake valve with pressure relief valve, speed limiter, including feeder valve (part no. 267.95.139)
  • Feeder valve for Ibex incl. hose package (part no. 267.95.362)
  • Rotor brake valve including feeder valve for Brielmaier (part no. 267.95.367)
  • Mounting bracket 80 x 80 mm for McConnel outriggers (part no. 267.95.251)