for tractors from 40 hp

For narrow-track tractors, municipal tractors and small tractors



Infinitely variable inclination range of the mower head of 90° upward and 60° downward.

The SSP side mulchers offer double implementation possibilities: They can be used as rear mulchers directly behind the tractor. With the long parallelogram it is swung to the side next to the tractor to mulch on waysides and roadsides, and for mulching embankments and ditches.

The variable inclination range of 90° upward and 60° downward, as well as the variably adjustable swing ranges enable the greatest possible area of implementation!


RAL 3000RAL 2011
RAL 3000RAL 2011
  • Mulching of grass and light wood
  • Ditches and embankments
  • Roadside plantings, edges of fields, roadsides
  • Area management and landscape management
  • Municipal implementation
  • Mounting:rear–use asa rear or side mulcher
  • Inclination up 90°/ down 60°
  • Attention: Front attachmen twith a PTO speed of 540 rpm or hydraulic drive possible
  • Cat. I and II mounting
  • Cat. I mounting for dismantling in order to achieve a greater lateral displacement
  • High-quality bevelgear: robust, flexible drive over enhanced V-belt on the rotor shaft
  • Rear roller adjustment for good soil management and precise cutting height
  • Mechanical collision safety
  • Mounting height can be adjusted as per the type of tractor
  • Spherical roller bearings in the rotor shaft
  • Two anti-tipping legs
  • Skids
  • Adjustable oil flow, in order to regulate restrictors to the pan and tilt cylinders in their movement speed
  • PTO with overrunning clutch
  • Set of wheels, wheel diameter 300 x 100
  • Set of foam-filled running wheels, wheel diameter 300 x 100

Technical data

SSG 125

SSG 145

Small flails / Fine-cutting blade: pcs. 24 28
Safety cutters: pcs. 18 21
Working width: m 1,25 1,45
Overall width : m 2,30 2,50
Housing height: m 0,33 0,33
PPower requirement*: from kW / hp 17 / 23 19 / 26
Rpm of PTO : rpm 540
Carrier vehicle Minimum weight: kg 1.200 1.300
Weight**: approx. kg 270 300

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment

125 145 155
A = m 2,45 2,65 2,75
B = m 1,90 1,90 2,00
C = m 1,25 1,45 1,55
D = m 0,30 0,30 0,37
E = m 1,80 1,80 1,80

Small flails

Fine-cutting blade B60

Click on the picture of the blade for more details


Integrated holder for convenient storage of the universal joint shaft.


The stable collision guard ensures the greatest possible protection against collisions with obstructions.


Cat. II for dismounting ensures greater free space of the universal joint shaft.