for tractors from 45 hp

Very flat and smooth surface, it slides under low-hanging branches without damaging branches and fruits

The STO rotary mulchers are preferred in orchard implementation.

Extremely flat and with a smooth surface it slides through under low-hanging boughs without damaging branches and fruit. However, the outstanding characteristics of the STO also ensure optimal mulching results for green area maintenance and on managed grassland with fruit trees.

As desired, the mulched material is distributed in the tramline behind the implement, or uniformly distributed laterally in the tree strip. The desired distribution can be adjusted on the discharge flaps.

STO 230

STO 260


  • Vineyards and orchards
  • Managed grassland with fruit trees
  • Berrycultures
  • Pasture maintenance and area maintenance
  • Municipal implementation
  • Mounting: STO 230 front and/or rear STO 260 front or rear
  • Low and stable design and smooth surfaces
  • Three point linkage for Cat. I and II mounting
  • STO230: parallelogram-side adjustment STO 260: linear-side adjustment
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Side ejection
  • Rear wise tandem roller for best operating characteristics
  • Front side twist-off wheels, adjustableontrack–not for STO260
  • Accident prevention guards
  • Reinforced V-belt drive
  • High-quality bevel gear
  • All lubrication points at the top of the unit
  • Transmission PTO for combined operation
  • PTO/PTO with overrunning clutch
  • Two-sided 3-point frame for ront- and rear mounting STO 230
  • OFF switchable gearbox
  • Two-sided 3-point frame for ront- and rear mounting STO 230
  • OFF switchable gearbo

Hydraulic lateral adjustmentx

For use in mulch/spray combination, the VO rotary mulcher is factory-equipped with a gearbox through drive. With the floating hitch (rocker arm) the tongue weight of the sprayer is transferred to the tractor.

The STO 260 rotary mulcher – working width 2.61 m – is equipped with four rotary cutters and has a large overlap. In addition a lateral skid for optimal ground adaptation and removable front track rollers.

Technical data

STO 230

STO 260

Working width : m 2,25 2,61
Overall width : m 2,30 2,70
Depth / height: m 1,63 / 0,19 1,50 / 0,27
Max. lateral offset from tractor centre: m 1,35 1,51
Setting range / parallelogram: m 0,40 -
Setting range / linear: m -/- 0.40 hydraulic/0.43 manual
Power requirement*: from kW / hp 33 / 45 41 / 55
Rpm of PTO: rpm 540/1.000– STO 230: 750
Weight**: approx. kg 580 580

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment

The basic implement STO 230 is equipped with three rotary cutters, the basic implement STO 260 is equipped with four rotary cutters. Thus a large overlap is achieved, evidenced by an extremely clean cutting pattern. The cutters are mounted on cutter carriers so that the blades can be cost-efficiently replaced.

Click on the picture of the blade for more details


With the manual parallelogram lateral adjustment the
STO 230 offers easy lateral adjustment on the tractor.

The STO 260 has a linear lateral adjustment element. On request the hydraulic lateral adjustment units can also be delivered.


STO rotary mulchers move on track wheels with a wide contact area. They can be adjusted in track (not STO 260) and height.


The factory standard tandem ball-bearing track roller ensures quiet operation, even at rapid travel.