for tractors from 45 hp

With solid frame construction – especially designed for use on powerful tractors

VO rotary mulchers have a stable frame construction, designed particularly
for use on powerful tractors and for
the mulch-spray combination.

Within the variable working width adjustment of all VO rotary mulchers any desired position can be freely selected. The working width is variably adjusted from the tractor, hydraulically. Both swing discs can be adjusted synchronously or separately.

Thus the VO rotary mulchers offer an absolutely reliable and economic possibility for mulching the tree strip and implementing organic cultivation. They are built particularly low and have a smooth surface, in order to slide under the fruit-laden boughs.

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  • Orchards
  • Managed grassland with fruit tress
  • Berry cultures
  • Municipal implementation n Photovoltaic systems
  • Vineyards
  • Mounting: front or rear
  • Large overlap by third rotary blade at VO 3000/3500
  • Three point linkage for Cat. I and II mounting
  • Twin gearbox with drive shift–for example for spray operation
  • Rear tandem roller for best operating characteristics
  • Front side twist-off wheels, adjustable on track, 190 mm diameter, 150 mm width
  • Accident prevention guards
  • Hydraulic double-acting cylinders for variable working width adjustment
  • Housing height approx. 380 mm*, Swivel arm height approx. 380 mm*, * Depending on the cutting height adjustment
  • PTO/PTO with overrunning clutch
  • Swivel wheels rubberised and foamed out, ball bearing mounted
  • Front mounting
  • Adaptor for mulching / spraying combination
  • Hydraulic lateral adjustment
  • OFF-switchable gearbox only for 540 rpm
  • Two-sided 3-point frame for front- and rear mounting
  • Chain screen for wings only VO 3000 and VO 3500
  • Rubber wheels rear complete
  • Wing control units for VO models
  • Adapter cable from cigarette lighter to 3-pin plug (part no. 871.20.038)


Adaptor for mulching/spraying combination

Technical data

VO 2500

VO 2700

VO 3000

VO 3500

Working width :m1,73 – 2,441,94 – 2,722,05 – 3,072,26 – 3,41
Overall width :m1,83 – 2,542,03 – 2,812,13 – 3,162,35 – 3,50
Setting range / parallelogram:m--rear 0.40 / front 0.58
Setting range / linear:m0,400,40--
Power requirement* :from kW / hp37 / 4537 / 4537 / 4544 / 60
Rpm of PTO:rpm540 or 1.000
Weight** :approx. kg570600700760

* The power requirement also depends upon the grass density and grass height    *** Weight may differ according to equipment

VO 2500 / VO 2700

with special equipment

VO 3000 / VO 3500

with special equipment

Front side twist-off wheels, adjustable on track

The basic implements VO 2500 / VO 2700 is equipped with two rotary cutters; VO 3000 / VO 3500 are equipped with three rotary cutters. Thus a large overlap is achieved, evidenced by an extremely clean cutting pattern. The cutters are mounted on cutter carriers so that the blades can be cost-efficiently replaced

Click on the picture of the blade for more details

Setting options


With the aid of the electro- hydraulic precision control system and with a sensor in front of the swing arms the trunk is tactilely probed with high sensitivity, and the swing disc is guided closely around the tree. Thus precise and protective scanning and mulching are possible close to the obstacle, such as tree trunk, vine, shrubbery, meadow fence, and even in solar parks under the solar panels.


With the standard hydraulic working width adjustment, the mulcher can be set to a working width that is variable depending on the type. An anti-collision device is optionally available for both swivel discs, which is triggered via a pressure relief valve. This prevents damage to the hail net post or the plant in the event of a steering error. The collision protection is not to be confused with the fine control.


With the hydraulic lateral adjustment the VO implements offers easy lateral adjustment on the tractor: VO 2500 / VO 2700 linear adjustment (see illustration to the left) VO 3000 / VO 3500 parallelogram adjustment


VO rotary mulchers move on track wheels with a wide contact area. They can be adjusted in track and height.


The factory standard tandem track roller ensures quiet operation, even at rapid travel.


Under each of the rotary cutters of the swing disc there is a cutter support plate that adapts the swing arm to the terrain.

For the following device functions a single-acting control unit (on the tractor) and a pressure-free rewind or a double acting control unit is required with scanning position.

  • Control unit with two double-acting control devices  for adjusting the two wings (not necessary, when the tractor has two double-acting control units)
  • Collision safety device for both wings (not to be confused with fine control)
  • Control unit with two double-acting control devices for adjusting the two wings (not necessary, when the tractor has two double-acting control units)
  • Collision safety device for both wings (not to be confused with fine control)
  • Control unit with three double-acting control devices for pivoting of the two wings and the hydraulic parallelogram (not necessary, when tractor has three double acting control units)
  • Parallelogram-side control hydraulic
  • Collision safety device of both wings (not to be confused with fine control)
  • Double sided hydraulic fine control with electric remote control
  • Two sided hydraulic fine control with electrical remote control, Hydraulic parallelogram side adjustment