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for tractors from 250 hp

The humus PM series of flail mulchers has been developed to meet the highest requirements and for hp capacities of up to 320 hp. The objective was to develop a mulcher that combines high work performance, stability and a high working speed.

The new humus PM mulcher permits working speeds of up to 14 km/h. The large housing with a passage height of 80 cm likewise supports the high
working speeds, because the mulched material can very quickly flow off.

The high working speed is particularly interesting for machinery contractors and for working large areas, as time management in agriculture is becoming increasingly significant as well. Thanks to high-quality components, such as branded roller bearings, angular gears and a case made of finegrained steel, the PM flail mulchers are designed for a long durability and professional use.

The PM flail mowers offer an ideal adaptation to the terrain. The large rear roller with a 32 mm Ø tracks the ground over the entire working width and ensures quiet operation, even on uneven terrain.


for tractors from 130 hp

The humus PMG with a working width of 280 cm and a device width of 300 cm is equipped with 24 humus system flails (flail weight approx. 4 kg).

With a machine weight of 1660 kg, the device is suitable for tractors from 180 hp. The big brother of the humus PMF shines with a newly developed drive, which has now been replaced by a toothed belt instead of four belts, which means that a smaller protective box is required on the machine than before.

A rasp bar has been added as a new function, which works like a shearbar. The large housing enables a high passage height and thus supports the high working speeds, as the mulched material can flow off very quickly.

The high working speed is particularly interesting for contractors and large areas, since time management is also becoming increasingly important in agriculture. The newly designed three-point bracket with linear lateral adjustment, which enables a large lateral displacement of up to 63 cm, is standard. The new three-point bracket mount can be used for front and/or rear mounting. The machine is equipped with skids as standard.