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for tractors from 54 hp

With its PH undergrowth mulcher humus brings to market a new powerhouse for green area maintenance and forestry work. The undergrowth mulcher with hydraulic drive has been especially developed for attachment on implement carriers with radio remote control. But it also suitable for other hydraulic carrier vehicles, e.g. for front attachment on wheel loaders, crawler track vehicles, large boom mowers or excavators.


for tractors from 80 hp

The „Lift-up“ pull-in roller feeds the mulch to the rotor. This increases the service life of the blade system, as the mulch is conveyed upwards from the ground, greatly reducing contact between the blade system and stones is greatly reduced. Due to the upward direction of rotation of the rotor, the mulch (sawn timber) is conveyed with high efficiency through the housing past the two counter blades in the housing and shredded.
The combination of forestry rotor with pull-in roller „Lift-up“ ensures a higher travelling speed and a significantly improved shredding result of the biomass.


for tractors from 34 hp

The humus PS undergrowth mulcher impresses with its light weight and high performance in forestry and municipal applications (keeping roads clear, clearance, forest residues, etc.). The humus PS undergrowth mulcher is also perfectly suited for use in traditional agriculture (conversion of overhanging orchards or similar).